Where are retreats held?

Most of our retreats are held in Margaret River.

Where do we stay? What’s the accommodation like?

We stay in selected holiday homes that are nothing short of deluxe. Large, spacious and perfectly suited to all our retreat activities and sleeping comfort. The accommodation will also depend on the number of people attending each retreat.

How do I know if the Walking & Writing Retreat is for me?

Our Walking & Writing Retreat is generally attended by individuals who want to start a writing project. They might want to start a blog, write short stories or their life story, sometimes they are simply looking to start a regular writing journal to access great self-knowledge and motivation in other areas of their lives.

How do I know if the Creativity Retreat is for me?

If you are looking to have a greater connection to nature and/or reignite or start a more creative and self-expressive life, but you don’t know where to start or you just don’t seem to be able to sustain your effort, then this retreat is for you.

We spend 4 days exploring, both individually and as a collective, what is stopping us, where we are exactly and where we want to be. We rehearse actions that will get us there and we do it all in a safe and very playful way using storytelling, theatre, writing, movement, painting and of course walking and immersing ourselves in the creative power of nature.

What is the methodology used?

Dr Erika Jacobson is a theatre based practitioner whose doctoral research and work with communities and organisations has given her insights into the benefits of using arts-based, theatre and aesthetic techniques to access deeper insights and ways through blockages and obstacles in order to access greater creativity, self-expression and wellbeing.

Creativity and self-expression are an integral part of our wellbeing and human experience. Aesthetic (through our senses) & embodied (through our bodies) practices and techniques can give us access to ideas, solutions and breakthroughs that lie beyond our intellect. Playful and fun, these techniques allow us to work on both individual and collective stories, often giving us access to transformative breakthroughs and insights, always giving us access to fun and creative expression.