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Is Mongolia in China?

No, Mongolia is a sovereign state and a country in its own right - its capital is Ulaan Baatar. There is a region in China called the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that used to be part of the Mongolian territory until 1947.

How do we get visas?

Visas are available from the Mongolian consulate in Canberra. They cost $230 and are usually delivered within a week. You simply download a form from their website, fill it in, send them your passport with a stamped & self-addressed envelope (all registered mail, of course) and a post office order for the visa fee.

 How safe is the area where we are walking?

The region of Mongolia we are walking in is very safe - we are walking through a region that is only kilometres from Russian and Chinese borders so there are some military posts where we stop and check in and where they keep tabs on any irregular activity.

As there are hardly any people through the Tavan Bogd National Park, mainly nomads and their families with their animals, crime is also not an issue.
In terms of the geography, we are walking through remote wilderness and up mountains - and we respect that. We take precautions during any river crossings and make sure that everyone gets enough time to acclimatise to the altitude.

What equipment do we need?

You will receive a list of suggested items to bring when you book into the tour. You DO NOT need a tent.

Will we be carrying our own packs & how heavy will they be?

While walking we will be carrying only a day pack, so a small pack that will carry our food for the day and snacks, water and whatever items you want to carry on you while walking like your camera or your sunscreen. You can make them as light as you like.

Do we have to know how to put up tents?

No, you will not need to get involved in the setting up of the camp every night. This task will be professionally carried out by the support crew, including our expedition cook, who is coming along on the walk with us. They will be walking ahead of us with the camels and horses and setting up camp before we arrive every afternoon.

Where... you know... will we go to the toilet?

In nature for number 1s and if you need to number 2s (we will be carrying a small shovel) but there will also be a campsite drop-toilet set up every evening in a separate spot from the campsite for a bit of privacy.

Are the flights there and back included in the price?

No, you have to get your own return ticket to Ulaan Bataar, but once you are there we take care of everything else including in-country flights, meals, accommodation, transport, all activities and material for activities and us 24/7 at you service.

What level of fitness is required?

This hike is a level 5 walk so some level of fitness is needed. However, you do not need to be an athlete to enjoy and complete this amazing adventure. Moderate fitness will do and we will give you some suggestions for training 3 months before the walk. Obviously, the fitter you are the easier some sections will be, but we have people of all levels of fitness complete this expedition. We are there to support you and encourage you during the more difficult sections, whihc you can do at your own pace.

Will I get altitude sickness?

Probably not. But everyone is affected by altitude in some way regardless of fitness level.

What happens if I get injured or sick?

We require everyone to have fully comprehensive travel insurance for this reason. It is an extremely remote region of the country and while we have sat phones and all the first aid equipment necessary to treat minor injuries or temporary ailments. If any serious injuries occur, we will get the injured person out of the National Park on horse and then by car.