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Cape to Cape Track - Margaret River

EDGEWALKERS — our beginnings and mission

It was during a long coastal hike, along the famous Cape to Cape track, immersed in scented Boronias and Honey Myrtle, surrounded by swishing Peppermint Eucalyptuses and low lying prickly Acacias (names I did not know then) that I came to realise two things.

First, I realised that in spite of loving being out in nature I knew very little about the natural world that surrounded me. When I looked at trees I saw, well, trees; when I looked at flowers, I saw colours, red ones, purple ones, yellow ones.

I wondered if other people also felt the same. Whether they were also yearning for a more profound connection and understanding of the natural world, yearning to move like Edgewalkers, effectively across the edge between the structured and the untamed, between the sophisticated and the primal.

Second, I realised that walking, but especially in nature, was, and is, an integral part of my creative process…that I have been doing it for a long time.

I realised that I hiked the mountains around Almaty, Kazakhstan trying to find a way to finish the first draft of my first novel in 1999, and that I regularly traversed King’s Park, Perth, while solving production issues with my first play Trollop(e) in 2002. I understood that I had walked my way out of every single challenge in all the theatre-based projects I created with Act Out www.actout.com.au from 2007 – 2014 and that I am still bushwalking now as a way to solve problems, to let my mind expand and my imagination soar.

I understood, that day on the Cape to Cape with the Southern Native Roses dangling red above the limestone outcrops of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, with Western Spinebills fluttering among the Melaleuca and the Cockies’ Tongues, that walking is how I negotiate the edge between the world of what is and the world of what is yet to be; between the world of the created and what is yet to be created. I wondered whether others also felt a desire to move more freely between these two realms. 

By naming this business adventure Edgewalkers, I am conjuring the possibility of playing a role in bringing people closer to the edges they yearn to walk boldly along; closer to nature, closer to their natural creative and expressive selves; I am conjuring the possibility of all of us having intimate knowledge and competence of all the worlds we inhabit and create.



We exist to bring you closer to nature & your most creative potential. We create walking experiences that give you immersive opportunities to reset and retune. To feel the power of nature and experience its rugged and pristine beauty.


We are always exploring new destinations. We currently offer multi-day walking tours along the Cape to Cape track and throughout the Fitzgerald Biosphere during the breathtaking wildflower season in Australia’s southwest and through the spectacle of the Mongolian wilderness.

When you walk with us you are not just walking with a tour guide, you are walking with a philosopher,  an artist, a writer, a passionate adventurer, and most importantly, we want you to feel that you are walking with a friend; someone who can offer you a unique perspective and sensitivity to the whole experience.


Using tools and techniques from applied transformative theatre, embodied learning techniques & arts-based activities, the sessions have been designed by specialist practitioner Dr Erika Jacobson, to give you opportunities to identify, dismantle and examine some of the obstacles that are holding you back from the creative expression you are yearning for.

Both individual stories & collective insights are brought together in a process that gives you access to possibilities. These possibilities are then rehearsed and further expanded throughout the workshop/retreat. 

During the retreats the creative process is harnessed by guided walks immersed in nature through some of the most pristine and biodiverse environments in the world, including sections of the Cape to Cape track & Boranup forest in southwest Western Australia & in the Altai mountains of northwest Mongolia. In addition, special workshops with contributing local artists during each retreat will enhance your creativity experience.

Erika Jacobson looking out over Wilyabrup Cliffs in  Margaret River

Dr. Erika Jacobson
Educator, Creativity & Transformative Learning Specialist & Adventurer

Erika is a creativity specialist and a curious & passionate adventurer…who loves walking. She has a BA in writing, a MA in community and international development and a PhD in transformative learning. Part of the year she lectures at Murdoch University on creativity and innovation, runs workshops, retreats and walking tours…helping people reconnect with nature, their creativity & self-expression. Sometimes she speaks about it all. Part of the year she travels and writes. All year around she walks.

For over 15 years she have been helping individuals, organisations & communities access creative solutions to complex problems here and overseas. She envisions, designs & facilitates workshops & retreats that give participants immersive opportunities to recover, realign & reignite their creative aspirations. She brings together powerful aesthetic, embodied & applied theatre tools, knowledge from her research in transformative learning, practical creative thinking tools & her own creative & reflective practice.

She also guides multi-day walks through pristine natural environments that inspire and reconnect people to nature and their creative source.

Her strength lies in harnessing the collective creativity of a group to give all participants access to useful & individual insights so they can sustain a creative and more self-expressive life.

Donna Livingstone Edgewalkers Margaret River

Donna Livingstone
Outdoor Education Specialist & Writer

Donna is a walker, writer, education assistant, wife and mother of two. She has a Bachelor in Leisure Science, majoring in Eco-Recreation and is almost finished a sectional end-to-end on the Bibbulmun Track.

Since she was a teenager, she has been immersing herself in the time and space that the outdoors gives her, and when outdoors she finds that the creativity and relaxation flows on a totally different level to when she is at home.

She loves to show others our amazing corner of Western Australia, where there is so much to observe and learn.