1 - 15 JULY, 2018

The skies are almost always blue, the landscape is breathtaking & the wilderness unspoilt - Mongolia is a walker's paradise & a perfect backdrop for seriously fun & adventurous creative exploration & discovery.

Join Dr Erika Jacobson for an experience of a lifetime during our 14-day Walking & Creativity Expedition and be led through a powerful creative process while you reconnect with nature & are inspired by the rugged & natural beauty of the Tavan Bogd National Park in Mongolia's north west. 

Erika Edgewalkers Tavan Bogd Mongolia.JPG

Our expedition begins on July 1 when we all gather for a welcome dinner, meet each other and discuss the 14 days ahead. 

The following day we will fly to Olgii in Mongolia's northwest and the gateway to the Tavan Bogd National Park. Here we will start the creativity workshops & exploration by taking part in a traditional felting workshop with a artisanal artist and scholar. 

 Mongolia Walking Tour crossing Khoton Lake in Tavan Bond National Park

We then make our way to the national park close to the Chinese & Russian borders where we begin our trekking expedition. One aim of the expedition is to traverse the national park from its its southwest lakes to its five sacred peaks in the north. This will take up to 9 days and we will be supported by a team of Kazakh camel & horse herders, a cook & an English speaking local guide. They will walk ahead of us and set up camp for us at the various camping spots along the way.

 Mongolia Walking Tour - Pack camels will help us with our gear!

The other aim of the expedition is to use the spectacular backdrop of the Mongolian wilderness and all its beauty & challenges to undertake a reflective, personal & collective exploration of creativity & the role it plays or can play in our lives. Dr Erika Jacobson's guidance brings together tools from applied theatre, creative writing, transformative learning & movement & over 15 years of using creativity & self-expression to work with people. 

It will be an experience of a lifetime that may bring life changing results.

PRICE $4,880 - 30% deposit required to secure your booking. Balance can be paid by 30 May, 2018.

Maximum 12 people


 Mongolia Walking Tour in Tavan Bogd National Park - descending from mountain pass.