How do we get to Margaret River?

How fit do we have to be to walk the Cape to Cape end to end?

What is the terrain like?

What if I'm a slow walker? 

What if I need a day off?

What happens if I am injured or sick?

How much walking do we do each day?

What will I be expected to carry each day?

Are there snakes or other dangerous wildlife?

How far from Perth is the Fitzgerald River National Park?

What time of the year is the best to see wildflowers?

How far are we walking each day?



Tavan Bogd National Park - Mongolia WalkingTours

  Is Mongolia in China?

No, Mongolia is a sovereign state and a country in its own right - its capital is Ulaan Baatar. There is a region in China called the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that used to be part of the Mongolian territory until 1947.

How do we get visas?


How safe is the area where we are walking?

4. What equipment do we need?

5. Will we be carrying our own packs & how heavy will they be?
ANSWER: While walking we will be carrying only a day pack, so a small pack that will carry our food for the day and snacks, water and whatever items you want to carry on you while walking like your camera or your sunscreen. You can make them as light as you like.

6.Do we have to know how to put up tents?
ANSWER: No, you will not need to get involved in the setting up of the camp every night. This task will be professionally carried out by the support crew, including our expedition cook, who is coming along on the walk with us. They will be walking ahead of us with the camels and horses and setting up camp before we arrive every afternoon.

7. know...will we go to the toilet?
ANSWER: In nature for number 1s and if you need to number 2s (we will be carrying a small shovel) but there will also be a campsite toilet set up every evening in a separate spot from the campsite for a bit of privacy.


9. Are the flights there and back included in the price?
ANSWER: No, you have to get your own return ticket to Ulaan Bataar, but once you are there we take care of everything else including in-country flights, meals, accommodation, transport, all activities and material for activities and me 24/7 at you service.

10. what level of fitness is required?

11. Will I get altitude sickness?

12. What happens if I get injured or sick?