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Sugar loaf Cape to Cape night photography Astrordinary Imaging

Be inspired by the moving magic of the night sky on this Edgewalkers Creativity & Walking Retreat. Guest artist, photographer Paean Ng from Astrordinary Imaging, will lead you through the steps so to capture the nightscape in a 360 degree photosphere featuring the stunning landscape, the night sky and YOU.

This 2-day/2-night retreat is for anyone who:

  1. would like to learn how to express their creativity through astrophotography and learn the techniques for capturing the night sky;
  2. loves walking and wants to reconnect with nature through some guided day and night walks in the Margaret River region
  3. wants to connect/reconnect with their creative potential & be inspired into a more creative life.

The retreat has three components:

PRACTICE Night Astrophotography - learn the basics of astrophotography, including the basics of 360photosphere and wide field panoramas. Capture and bring to life the beauty of the southwest night skies and immerse yourself in nature and a creative experience.

EXPLORATION - Workshop - a creative playful exploration of our creative lives; what we are hoping to be creative about now and in the future; where to start, how to sustain it - we will use creative thinking techniques to explore, examine and move through the trajectory of where you are now and where you want to be with your creative practice – whatever that might be;

REFLECTION - Walking & Writing - let your mind wander as we walk various natural spots along the Cape to Cape. The walks are an opportunity to connect with nature and reflect on everything that is emerging during the retreat. Your choice to write your experiences and thoughts as a way to reflect and learn.