20 JULY - 2 AUG, 2018

Trek through the Mongolian wilderness in this unique opportunity to enjoy and discover the wildflowers of the Khaarhiraa mountains home to diverse and abundant mountain wildflowers that will enchant and delight you.

Join Dr Erika Jacobson for our 12-day Walking With Wildflowers Trek & reconnect with nature and be inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of the Turgen National Park in Mongolia's north west.

 Mongolian Walking Tour - Walking with Wildflowers - Turgen National Park

The warmth of the month of July will have given rise to a huge diversity of flowering plants including edelweiss, poppy, beautiful thistle, pasqueflower and so many other varieties - you'll love it. In addition, our trek takes place alongside nomadic summer activity of herding, grass cutting and tending to animals that will give you an intimate insight into the culture of some of Mongolia's traditionally nomadic ethnicities.

Our expedition begins on July 20 when we all gather for a welcome dinner in Ulaan Baatar, meet each other and discuss the 12 days ahead. 

The following day we will fly to Ulaangom, the capital of Uvs Province in Mongolia's northwest and drive to our first camp in the Kharhiraa river canyon in the Turgen National Park for our first night camping. Here we will start our trek by walking upstream to the source in the snow-capped Kharhiraa mountains with its glacier at over 4,000 metres - we might even be able to catch a glimpse of the Russian Sayan range in the distance.


 View of a valley - Turgen National Park - Mongolia Walking Tour

During the next few days we trek along the Kharkhiraa River Canyon to its source before approaching the main mountain pass with breathtaking views of snow covered summits & glacier. We continue on to climb the lateral ridge of the Turgen Range from where we can get bird eye views of amphitheatres & cascades made of ice. After a day of rest at 3,000 metres we descend alongside the lakes & mossy hills of the high mountain plateau before camping besides rapids at a wooded gorge. 

  Walking with Wildflowers in Mongolia

We emerge from the gorge and reach our rendezvous with driver before making our way to Olgii and entering Kazakh culture. On day 12 we fly back to Ulaan Baatar and bring our trek to an end with a celebratory dinner in the Mongolian capital. 

This is a wild, rugged and absolutely spectacular once in a lifetime trek.

PRICE  $4,880 - 30% deposit required to secure your booking. Balance can be paid in instalments due by 30 April, 2018.

Maximum 16 people


 Walking with Wildflowers in Mongolia - Edgewalkers walking trek